Invention Of The Barcode

The bar code is a really a brilliant invention. It has simplified the entire shopping experience, making it quick and easy to add shopping items to a bill. But it didn't fall out of the sky, someone had to invent it first. The invention of the bar … [Continue reading]

Who Invented Velcro

Some things are so commonplace, so part of our everyday lives, that we don't think twice about them. Velcro is such a thing. We use it every day on our clothes, shoes, surfboards and around the house in carpets, notebooks, suitcases and other … [Continue reading]

Who Invented The Microscope

The question of who invented the microscope is a matter of historical debate. There isn't 100% certainty on the microscope invention, because it was not that well documented during its time, but we know for certainty that it occured around the turn … [Continue reading]

Trademark Attorney

A trademark attorney is a qualified legal practitioner that specializes in dealing with all aspects of trademarking, from performing a trademark search to applying for a new trademark, to modifying or deregistering a trademark. Trademarks are … [Continue reading]

Innovative Definition

What is the definition of innovative? What does innovative mean, and how do you define it? Good question. There are several definitions or ways to understanding the word innovative and I will go through them below: The word 'innovative' is an … [Continue reading]

Who Invented Peanut Butter

Since the invention of peanut butter is actually completely natural, no-one can take credit or receive as the individual who invented peanut butter. However the invention of peanut butter has quite an interesting history, and some myths along the … [Continue reading]

When was the first car invented

If you want to know when was the first car invented, I'll have to take you back to the 17th century in China. A Belgian missionary named Ferdinand Verbiest invented what is regarded as the first car. He designed the car specially for the use of … [Continue reading]

Isaac Newton Inventions

Sir Isaac Newton is recognized as one of the greatest geniuses to have ever lived. Isaac Newton inventions have quite literally made a profound impact on science, mathematics, gravitation astronomy, optics and chemistry. Issac Newton's … [Continue reading]

Necessity is the mother of invention

What does 'necessity is the mother of invention' mean? You often hear people use that saying that 'necessity is the mother of invention' but don't necessarily know what it means. Well think about it for a minute. Let's break up the phrase into … [Continue reading]