How To Make An Invention

how to make an invention

The Basic First Step after the Great Idea You have the great idea. It may not change the entire world (although it might) but it will definitely change your world by bringing something into the world that wasn’t there before, or that truly is the … [Continue reading]

The Einstein Factor Review

I have probably read hundreds of invention books over the years, and I still come back to The Einstein Factor on a regular basis for its directness, ease of application, fun and originality. The Einstein Factor is all about implementing simple, … [Continue reading]

Patent Invention Basics

patenting invention

In this article we are going to talk about the patent invention basics to get you started in the invention patenting process. Inventors do a lot of hard work to come up with great ideas and ultimately inventions to improve everyone’s quality of … [Continue reading]

Patenting An Idea

patenting an idea

Patenting an idea is not necessary as straightforward as it seems, but it is also not overly complex. Inventors often talk about their great idea and how they have to get patent protection for it. There is only one problem. It is not possible to … [Continue reading]

How To Register An Invention

how to register an invention

In this article we will explore the often asked question of how to register an invention. There are two different approaches that inventors can take to registering their invention.The first is to do it yourself; the second is to employ a … [Continue reading]

Licensing Inventions The Right Way

licensing inventions

Many inventors have a great idea that they then go on to make into a machine, object , process or method. Once they create the physical object, though, many do not know what their next steps can be. Some decide to manufacture their invention … [Continue reading]

What Inventor Assistance Is Available

inventor assistance

There are a lot of websites out there offering basic inventor assistance regarding patenting and other types of advice regarding your inventions. Some are certainly helpful at getting started and perhaps providing some introductory information as to … [Continue reading]

How To Sell An Invention

how to sell an invention

Want to know how to sell an invention? Well, first things first, make sure you have your prototype ready. With or without a patent, an inventor needs a working prototype to sell most inventions successfully. How To Sell An Invention With A … [Continue reading]

Invention Protection 101

invention protection

How Can You Protect Your Invention? Inventions can be protected legally a variety of ways, depending on the nature of the invention. Patent protection, both provisional and standard, is the main invention protection method in the US and most Western … [Continue reading]

How to Protect an Idea

Ideas, while they abound and spring forth from our imagination, are not legally regarded as physical 'things'. As a result, there are only really two ways to go abou it if you are wanting to find out how to protect an idea: You can keep them a … [Continue reading]