Marconi’s Invention

For many years, in fact, before many of us were born, the radio existed. We do not have a reason to ask where it comes from or why it works, as long as it is playing that which we love, why ask questions? The reality is though that discovery of electromagnetic waves dates back to September 1895.

A young man, at the age of 21, by the name of Guglielmo Marconi discovered that electromagnetic waves could be transmitted and that an antenna could receive a signal. During Marconi’s first experiment, distances did not exceed 100 meters and the electromagnetic waves were sent in straight lines without any intervening objects.

This was the beginning of something magnificent.

Marconi wanted to show that electromagnetic transmission is possible even with an obstacle in the way; this theory was rejected by scientists who said that his idea of using ether was preposterous and that it simply just could not be done. The scientists were working with theory but Marconi would rather just practice his technique.

Marconi was performing all of his experiments at his father’s estate. He decided to place a transmitter near to the estate and a receiver more than 5 miles away, at the back of a hill. This was most definitely the biggest intervening obstacle.

Mignani was Marconi’s servant, he was instructed to stand at the receiver and fire a rifle shot should the signal be received. Sure enough, a rifle shot fired and the letter ‘S’ of the Morse alphabet traveled through space for the first time in history.

Unfortunately, Marconi’s invention was not received well by everyone and this included Italy, the minister of the country had said that electromagnetic waves were in no way suitable for telecommunications. Marconi knew that his discovery was something great, he traveled to the place his mother was born, England, and here he was supported and financed for furthering and bettering his creation.

Marconi’s invention was patented in 1897; he continued with his experiments and eventually found himself sending signals for over 150 miles. This is what was known as radiotelegraphy.

Marconi’s invention inspired many other people, after his death in 1943 Marconi left behind individuals who had learnt about the possibilities in this world, about the existence of that which we cannot see.

Marconi’s patents have established many problems and many people claim to have invented items patented under Marconi, but in the end, radiotelegraphy changed our world and it was because of this magnificent man. It may have started as a project in the garden but it is now a main source of communication for people all around the world.

Truly an invention like none other.